9 Months

Henry ushered in his 9 months with the progress of his first tooth, increased mobility (albeit of a backwards nature), and his first attempts at pulling-up unassisted. I borrowed Carys' Leap Pad table. It has all kinds of lights and music that is activated by various buttons and doo-dads. Henry loves to stand-up and lean against it and play-- i.e. we gave him a taste of what fun lies above. When he sits in front of it now, he'll grab up and try with all his might to pull to a standing position. He can't quite make it on his own but he really, really tries. I usually help him out at the very end when he starts heading in the wrong direction. He's so overjoyed to be standing up with the toys that he just beams.

I got a call from the Physical Therapy coordinator and she will be coming out next week to meet with me and hear my concerns (and the Pediatrician's) and figure out what kind of therapy Henry might need. I could certainly be off base here, but i have this sneaking feeling that by the time the therapists actually come out to see him he'll be moving right along the gross motor-skills check-list he's currently behind on.


Anonymous said...

I've always heard that babies that crawl backwards are showing signs of their great intelligence.

I think your instinct is right on. Henry is doing just what he should be doing!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with comment #1, by ananymous. And your instinct will be right. Maybe try putting a small pillow under him to raise him a bit and give him a little help and encouragement. He sure looks delighted with his new toy! Sheree

Tabitha said...

Yay, Thanks for this pic. That table is really a lot of fun. I'm glad he's enjoying it.

Melissa said...

We have that table, except we took two of the legs off so it's propped up at a diagonal. The babies can still pull up on it, but it makes the knobs and buttons much more accessible. Just thought I'd pass that along!