9 Months, 1 Week, 6 Days

We had an interesting night in our house. Henry is a pretty routine kind of kid. He is asleep by 7 pm every night. Generally we follow a dinner, bath, bed routine from about 6-7. Tonight when i picked him up from Brenda's he had taken a negligible afternoon nap-- something he's been doing for about a week. We got home a little before 5 and after just a few minutes on his stomach he was unhappy-- then quickly inconsolable.

I was trying to figure out what was wrong and decided to try dinner. That wasn't the problem today-- he did some damage to peas and rice, hummus, and applesauce. However, by the end of the mail he was crying big tears in between his eager bites of applesauce. I figured this meant he was exhausted. I decided to skip the bath and head straight back to his room to begin nursing him and our soothing routine. He struggled. I put him in the crib and he fussed and cried off and on for about 30 minutes. Then, he went into hysterics. When i went back to get him he quieted down immediately. At first i was just walking our hallway but he seemed wide awake so we decided to come out and play. He was all smiles and even getting his knees up underneath him a bit as he stretched for some of his books.

Then, he seemed to get tired so i put him down and he went effortlessly asleep at 8:30. I'm not sure i'll repeat the late afternoon nap again.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Henry is a lover of routine- those other times are just to let you know how it could be all the time. Whew! And what a face! Love you all, Sheree

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!
BTW -- he totally looks like your dad!
-Jen Romero