9 Months, 3 Days

Sorry, i didn't post for any profound reason-- i just had the quilting group over and then really had to make some progress on our finances. Before you knew it, it was midnight and time for this mama to hit the sheets.

Today Brenda said Henry was really trying to move forward when he was on his stomach. We didn't witness that at home, but we're certainly glad he's moving in the right direction. We picked Henry up from Ms. Brenda's a little early and then headed over to a new Japanese/Sushi place that is really close to daycare. It was nice to try it but i believe we've both given it a thumbs down. They didn't have highchairs and while the deep padded banquets lining one wall let Henry sit and chill on his own, they were white so we most definitely were not planning to fee him while we were out. Besides the child-unfriendly features, the food was just eh, and too expensive for such a middling rating. Henry was amazing while we were out and managed to perfect "finding" the toy when you hide it under a cloth, which we've been working on with him. He also has gotten quite adept at lunging rapidly at his meltable stars but then slowing his hand down just as he approaches so that he delicately picks the little morsel up.

He has also discovered that if he picked something up and it didn't make it to his mouth, it's most likely still in his palm. There's not end of serious faces to be made when he's exploring his open palm with the opposite hand.

Brenda said he took three naps today but he was still in full-force yawn mode while we were at dinner. So, after we got home and played for just a few minutes it was off to have a small portion of cajun turkey (! don't ask, JT's in charge of his meat selections) and then to bed.

Two nights this week Henry has awoken at 4:30 or so and i hear him kind of talking/low-grade fussing to himself. When i go in to check on him he's flipped over on his back completely awake and kinda playing with his stuffed animals-- but not in a happy way. Last night i picked him up to see if he was running a temp or anything and then he became inconsolable. It's so strange. It seems like he's fussing because he's awake and wants to be with someone but then when you actually pick him up he gets very, very upset. Hopefully he'll sleep soundly tonight but if not i think i'm just going to have to trust he's okay unless he's really hollering.

I don't have any new pictures to share so i'm posting another "signature" i use on my message board. It's a "cartoonish" one for winter!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading about all the different directions in which Henry is growing and learning. And it is clear that his parents love and adore him, too. We love you all, Oma