Alarm Clock

It's a rare occasion when we really use our alarm clock these days. If anything, JT sets his for 6 and then snoozes until Henry gets us up. Often this happens before we've even gone through a complete snooze cycle. Neither alarm was set this morning(Henry's been up quite early the past few days) but lo and behold i didn't stir until JT leapt out of bed shortly after 8. He went in to Henry's room where Henry was laying on his back playing with his stuffed Ralph. He did this quite a bit while we were on vacation so we're hoping it means he's back to well-rested status. We're also hoping he continues the snooze fest over the weekend!

While at Oma and Opa's house, Henry enjoyed getting friendly with the doggy-- Coby. By all accounts Coby was really missing Henry after our departure. Henry seems to be making do with the kitties who seem more and more comfortable in his presence.

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