8 Months, 24 Days

You've got to check out www.babylegs.net! I bought some baby legs or leg warmers for Henry a little while ago. They really help protect his little legs from the cold Chicago winter. When you pick Henry up his pants ride up and expose this calf skin that just gets so extremely cold and red. His baby legs solve the problem wonderfully! They help pad his knees a bit now that he's trying to move around more.

No crawling yet-- not even hands and knees. He's getting very good and spinning and moving backwards but hasn't figured out how to move forward. He is getting pretty good at getting into things even though he's not really mobile. I think it's his way of easing us into the next phase of babyhood.

In anticipation, we went ahead and lowered his crib over the weekend. If he's sitting on your leg he'll pull up to his toy table. He'll do it a few times in a row and then if you try to sit him back down he will refuse to bend his legs. You can tell that pulling up absolutely tires him out.

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