9 Months, 1 week, 5 days

Tonight we offered a smorgasbord to Henry for dinner. He seems to have ramped up his aversion to many previously-appreciated foods. I heated up some greens and sour cream (which previously he's loved) and he wouldn't even take a bite. Instead i wound up accidentally painting his eyebrows with it. Then i tried cottage cheese both spoon feeding and giving him the large curds to pick up himself. At some point he decided that ways okay and did let me feed him about 3 bites of cottage cheese. Then he clammed up tight.

I tried some plain white rice to no avail and then decided to break out the hummus. I scooped out some hummus and offered it to him, planning to use the cracker as a hummus delivery system. Instead he bit off a piece of the cracker. This really got him interested so JT smothered several little bits of cracker with either hummus or ricotta on them. He was super-eager to eat those but the cracker bits (even tiny ones) often caught in his throat. So, we turned to the ever-popular yogurt and he went nuts.

For the time being our strategy is to give him prunes and applesauce every day for lunch (and whatever else he'll take) and then load up on the yogurt and hummus and other protein-rich foods we can in the evenings. Hopefully this is just a (short-lived) phase and not the beginning of us offering eight choices every night for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Great picture! Oma

Tabitha said...

Yes, this is what kids do. It's a tricky thing b/c you don't want to get him in the habit of getting whatever he wants so you have to make two meals at each sitting, one for him and one for you. But since his weight has been an issue, you don't want hm not to eat. I'd work closely with your pedi if this continues just to be sure if he's really not hungry or if you should continue to offer a spread.

I'd say for now, stick with those tried and true, yogurt and whatever else you know he'll eat, and offer one more "exotic" choice. He'll change his mind many times about what he likes. And if he's anything like Carys he'll have one food for breakfast for three months and then go on strike and not eat it for weeks, leaving us clueless.

Colin said...

Dude, I can remember a time not too long ago when you couldn't even bear to hear the word "curds," much less eat something with the consistency of cottage cheese. Remember your aversion to custard? Give the little guy a break! Just kidding... mostly. We're struggling with Aidan's picky eating too, so I can totally sympathize, but... cottage cheese? Gross! I wouldn't touch the stuff myself. Give lil' Henry a high-five for me.