16 Weeks

Today at 3:07 am, Henry turned 16 weeks old. He won't officially be 4 months until the 17th but he continues to seem "older" and is allowing us to enjoy more of a routine.

We went to a friends' house this afternoon and played with her kids (a 2 year old and an 8 week old). It was fun to watch Henry being interested in the other baby and responding to the 2 year old. We took both the babies out for walks and talked about what fun it would be to have them together next Summer when they're both toddling around.

The downside was that Henry didn't sleep a wink in baby H's crib. Henry cried and fussed for about 30 minutes, so i got him and put him in the carrier and he slept while we took a walk. I absolutely don't plan to make a habit of that, but it's nice to have made enough progress to feel like each nap doesn't hold our family's sleep fate in its hands.

One story i forgot to post about last night. While we were on the El ride from the White Sox ballpark to dinner on the northside, we turned my cellphone off because it wasn't getting service. When we got to dinner and turned it back on it said i had a message. I immediately got worried and when i played it back it was just static. At this point i started to truly panic/worry. I broke out in a sweat and in my head was thinking something must of happened along the lines of Henry not taking his bottle, but subconciously i was thinking worse. I checked my missed calls log and it said the last call was from our house. Sweat was rolling down my face at this point.

I called our babysitter and she said she hadn't called and that all was totally fine. Henry was a little cranky the first hour but fine for his bath and bottle and was sleeping away at that point. After that i was totally able to relax-- lesson to me, call home to check in for peace of mind before you have a panic attack!

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