3 Months 19 Days

I'm not sure what her secret is, but i'm going to have to ask Brenda how she gets Henry to sleep so well at daycare; hopefully the secret doesn't involve sleeping pills! Today Henry did take 3 naps, but each one was less than an hour and they just got shorter and shorter all day. By the time he woke up at 3 from a 20 minute nap i knew it was going to be a long afternoon.

We had a babysitter coming at 5 pm so that we could head to a baseball game with a friend. The babysitter arrived and had to entertain cranky Henry for an hour before the bath and bed routine. She said he was very happy and content after his bottle and fell asleep quickly.

Unfortunately for us, the Sox actually sold out! They never, ever sell out so we always just head down there and buy tickets. They offered us $28 standing room tickets but we decided to leave the offer be. So although we had already purchased a bag of peanuts, we trekked back North into the city to go to a favorite place for dinner that we hadn't been in awhile. It was a nice outing and felt good to get out a little. We got home in time for me to feed Henry at 10 and now it's off to bed-- here's hoping for a sound sleeping night!

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