4 Months, 12 Days

Henry had his first ride on the swing today at our local park. It's not like he was pumping on his own, but he seemed to enjoy the breeze in his hair. No pictures, because we were there just briefly until JT got home from work. Then Henry got to enjoy one of his new favorite activities-- climbing on Dad.

Brenda said he continued to talk up a storm today. For storytime, Brenda had Henry on her lap and as she started to read the story aloud, Henry started to talk so loudly that no one else could hear the "real" story. He was happy as a clam once he got home and enjoyed his quiet evening routine and then off to bed.

I sent a little more milk today and she said he gobbled it right up. I'm have to see how much more i can send a day so that he gets his fill!

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Anonymous said...

Tamra, you can thank Jackie for teaching me about your blog. In fact this is the first time I've commented on a blog, but I couldn't resist. Henry's a cutie. Next time we're in Chicago let's set up a playdate for Henry and Myles. Myles is a very big boy but he's gentle and he loves babies. Call when you get a chance, ok? take care, Jerry