3 Months 17 Days

Well i spoke too soon. Last night i heard Henry off and on from about 3 am until i went and got him at 6. He was still super-happy when he finally woke up around 8, so i don't think he cried too much. Unfortunately i didn't sleep particularly well either, so i was stumbling a bit through work today.

It's been so hot here lately that after Henry gets home from Brenda's i've been taking his clothes off until bath time. It's fun to look at all the rolls of baby fat he's accumulating. We have his 4-month appointment next Friday and will get to find out how much he weighs.

This Saturday we're going to attempt leaving Henry with a babysitter again. Hopefully we're getting JT's firm's White Sox tickets. If not we're just going to go and sit in the cheap seats. It's an evening game so hopefully most of the time Henry will be asleep. The last time we tried to leave Henry with a babysitter he wouldn't take a bottle and i had to come home early. Now that he's been taking one three times a day at daycare it shouldn't be such a big deal (keeping my fingers crossed!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tamra,

Carys wanted to see pics of Henry. Sooo Cute:) I'll call you soon, I dropped my G'ma and Dad off at the airport today.

We are well, glad to hear you guys are too.