3 Months, 21 Days

Today i'm dragging because Henry didn't do so well in the sleep department last night and i'm coming down with a cold. I didn't sleep very well last night because my throat was starting to be scratchy and I heard Henry at 1:30, 3:30 and then off and on from 5 am to 6:00. Seems like when he has a bad night he really has a bad night-- although it goes with his early personality traits of all or nothing!

Hopefully he'll sleep decently tonight and i'll get to bed early.

I received my new work computer today and was busy getting it all set-up this afternoon. I looked at the computer clock and was surprised that it was already 5 pm. I took a gulp of water and headed out to get Henry. I was surprised at how little traffic there was. When i got to Brenda's, she was holding Henry and was just getting ready to change him. Usually she has him ready to go in his carseat but i didn't think that much of it. He was fussy and just about ready for a nap. I wasn't planning on putting him down for a nap at 5 though, and just planned to put him down a little early for bed.

We got home and i was confused when the clock said 4:20. I checked a few other clocks and realized that the computer they sent for work was set to EST and that i had gone to pick Henry up an hour early. I called Brenda to apologize for just showing up unannounced and told her that i'm make sure to check the right clock when i dropped him off tomorrow.

Sorry guys, no picture tonight. Henry was a little cranky and went to bed early and i mentioned that i'm feeling under the weather. Don't hold it against me if i don't post tomorrow-- although of course i'll try!

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