3 Months 16 Days

I didn't want to say anything for fear of jinxing it, but for the past several nights, Henry has slept from 7 pm until i feed him at 10 and then straight through until 6 am. Eventually we're going to try to get him to sleep until 7 am, but right now i think things are about as good as anyone could want with a 3.5 month old.

When i was dropping H off at Ms. Brenda's today, i asked if he was still crying very long when he takes his naps. She looked shocked and explained that no, he just coos and plays with his hands and falls asleep. I got to see something similar tonight when i put him down for bed. He was fussing a bit in my arms but when i put him down he quieted right down and sucked his fingers until he fell asleep-- i really love these hands of his!

When i picked him up this afternoon Brenda told me that he had taken three good naps and just cooed and smiled all day long. When i got there he was sitting in his carseat in the middle of all the older kids who were practicing buttoning buttons and tieing ties, zipping zippers, etc. He was looking all around and smiling and they were talking to him just like he was one of the big kids. I'm going to have to start bringing my camera to pick him up!

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