4 Months

It shouldn't come as a surprise that someone who routinely forgets her own anniversary would forget to mark the 4 month birthday of our son; but it was yesterday the 17th! I tried to take some pictures of him with a birthday crown but they're just a little sad so instead you get Henry playing with his stuffed dog.

It's not like he seeks the doggy out but when i put him next to Henry he hugs him and sucks on his ears and talks up a storm to him. I think he's becoming a pal. Henry continued to enjoy the jumper and took a series of short but decent naps. He slept until about 5:30 so he was able to stay up a little later which was nice to have more time in the evening while JT was home.

I've decided that one of the difficult things about having a baby is that they need you to be unpredictable but they will do everything in their power to throw you off. I'm not someone to plan on the worst but in some ways it helps make everything a pleasant surprise.

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nakia said...

Tamra, I really like this picture of Henry. He is such a gorgeous baby! :o)