Back to School!

Well Henry isn't in school really, so he isn't going back to school yet, but that was the theme for the party at his daycare today. When i went to pick him up he had a few balloons tied to his carseat and was happily watching them bob around.

Now that the dust has settled on our first big challenges-- stomach issues and sleep, i've been able to turn my attention to Henry's skin. I had noticed for awhile that much of his skin is rough, but i couldn't see anything different about it. I had been putting lotion on it every night after the bath but it wasn't getting any better. I started thinking it might be excema since JT has it too and it is partially genetic. I'm going to call the pediatrician because now it's worse and all red in rough patches-- poor guy. Supposedly it's really itchy but i can't tell that's the case yet with Henry.

H continued to work on his voice today, surprising Brenda with the crazy noises he's been making. We met JT for an early dinner after i picked H up from daycare and then home to the bath and bed!

The photo montage is similar to the one a few days ago but i couldn't pick one picture out of the series-- they're better enjoyed together.

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