4 Months, 10 Days

We enjoyed a nice quiet day at home today. Henry took three champion naps and had a good time playing with JT while awake. I was able to sneak out and get a haircut which felt great (i hadn't been since 3 weeks before he was born, so i was very overdue!)

Henry continued his strange vocalizations and we worked a little more on sitting. He prefers standing to sitting but i've been trying to get him to "monkey sit" where he leans forwards and catches himself with his hands. Here's an action shot (a little dark) of the inevitable tumble-- but he seems to be more curious about the whole process than anything.

Just a little detail. For weeks now he's been turning circles in his crib while sleeping. He's also taken to always sleeping with one or two legs sticking out between the crib slats. I'd love to get a picture but thus far have been to am afraid of waking him up.

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