17 Weeks

New pictures are up on the site-- enjoy, Okay, seriously, why can't Henry nap at home? We had this last weekend too where during the week he did well at Brenda's and then come Saturday he reverts to our first week of sleep training-- it's so frustrating!

He was exhausted by this evening after taking short 20 minute naps all day and went to bed early. Hopefully tonight goes okay as last Saturday night was the start of Henry crying throughout the night.

We didn't wind up going to the funeral today. JT was feeling worse and Henry had a fever most of the day from his shots so i thought it would be best to stick close to home. He was fairly chipper in between crying bouts and we got some pictures with good ole mom!


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Anonymous said...

Love the new pics Tamra. I think Henry is going to be as photogenic as you are.

PS. How am I supposed to enjoy my five minutes of fame if my name is wrong?:) See pic of you, me, Henry and Helen.