3 Months, 23 Days Old

Sorry to say there's no picture again today. I'm still under the weather and haven't had a chance to take any new ones. Henry is doing just fine-- i'm constantly bathing myself in hand sanitizer in the hopes that he doesn't catch this cold that JT and i both have. Thankfully Henry actually slept last night and dosed with cold medicine, i was able to sleep too. I'm not better really but at least not worse.

I've decided that even though we feel like real parents, when i'm sick i just feel like i want my mom-- instead of having to be a mom. It's hard to feel completely terrible and know that Henry has no ability to cut me some slack and take care of himself.

Henry's been outgrowing several of his 0-3 month sleepers. I can't wait to find out on Friday how much he's grown. Hope to have more stories and pictures tomorrow!

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