3 months 28 days

Well i hate to admit it, but i think getting up at 6 am is really the best thing for Henry (although not necessarily for me!) This morning we put our new plan into action which consisted of JT getting Henry when he woke up at 6, changing him, and taking him into the bathroom while he showers. We already have a bouncy seat in there that i put him in while i shower so we just moved the routine up a few hours. I think things were going okay until Henry kinda fell over in the chair and JT had to jump out of the shower to right him.

He started crying at that point and i was awake so i fed him and we got on with our morning. I was worried he would have slept less and still not napped, but his first nap was almost 2 hours which helped me let out a sigh of relief.

We went for a walk after work, as today was a really pleasent break to the super-hot summer we've been having. Henry can face forwards in the carrier now and loves to watch all the activity of a city summer evening. He was sporting a new hat which i had to get some pictures of when we came home!

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Anonymous said...

excellent hat! He is a daper little fella ain't he?