Truly 17 Weeks

I was a little hasty last night, Henry officially turned 17 weeks early this morning when thankfully he was asleep. He did just fine last night but today his naps continued to erode. He would only sleep 10-15 minutes and then cry for 30-45-- not a pleasent way to spend the day a month after we started this whole business.

I needed to drive out to the near-in suburbs this afternoon and when Henry fell asleep on the way home i decided to keep driving. I drove up North up a bit, got some gas, turned around and drove South to where JT used to go to school. H wound up sleeping a good hour and a little more-- he was still crabby this evening but chilled out in the front carrier and went to bed easily.

I talked to the sleep guy and we've decided i have to bite the bullet and start getting up with Henry at 6 to start our day. Our theory is that he winds up sleeping 14.5 hours or so at night which is in the range of what he needs for the whole day-- but then he's not old enough to go all day without any naps. So, starting tomorrow we're getting up at 6 and we'll try to take our first nap around 8 or 8:30 or so.

We'll see. We probably won't have immediate progress, but i'm sure eventually we'll get there.

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