4 Months 2 Days

As much as this blog is to keep friends and family updated about Henry, it's also a place for me to record the details of Henry's young life and my experiences raising him. You've no doubt noticed that i spend an inordinate amount of time detailing Henry's sleeping habits. That is because, since he was an itty-bitty thing, sleep has been something he's not particularly good at. Today was not a good sleep day. I'm providing a warning that much of tonight's post would be termed a "rant" on an internet message board.

I know i said the other day that i had had low expectations and Henry had actually slept well and that seemed to be the key. Well, that's a nice idea but i'm just not the kind of person that can expect the worst each day. If Henry has a good day, the next day i expect that he'll have at least a decent string of naps.

Today things started off okay with nary a peep when i put him down and a 45 minute nap-- not great, but good for Henry. The next several naps consisted of sleeping for 12 or wow a whole 15 minutes, and then crying and screaming for the rest of the hour. It just feels like nothing i do or don't do makes his napping any more consistent. When he doesn't sleep he's not particularly fun to be around and is overwhelmingly cranky.

By about 4:30 today i was really about to lose it so JT left work and we walked down to the train to meet him. Then we headed out to a very early dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. It was nice to get out and although Henry wasn't on his best behavior, he did just fine. He did enjoy his bath and dinner and then off to bed. Hopefully the night will go well but i feel very drained and frustrated from the day.

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