4 Months, 6 Days

With a baby, people always try to figure out who the baby looks like. In our case, we can't really put our finger on it. Several people have said that Henry looks like JT from the eyes up-- he definitely has JT's eyebrows. That said, i think he vaguely suggests both of us but doesn't really look like either of us. Then it hit me-- he looks like the baby pictures i had seen of my dad.

My grandmother thought the same thing and sent me a picture of my dad at 3 months old. His stats are a bit more impressive (18 lbs and 26 inches at 3 mos. Vs. Henry's 12.5 lbs and 24 inches), but i think the resemblance is strong.

Henry did wonderfully at Brenda's. He took two 2-hour naps-- which is about as great as we could ask for in baby napland. We played a bit this evening and then into the bath and off to bed. Henry is starting to move around a lot more when he's laying down. He pushes off of his legs and kind of half way rolls to the side but then comes back. I've actually seen him roll both ways but he isn't really interested in doing either when he's awake. If you put him down on his back he immediately rolls to his side to sleep-- but when awake i think he prefers to stay on his back and look around.

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