4 Months, 7 Days

Sorry, no new pictures today. Tonight instead of noodling around on the computer for hours to bring you lively images, i went to ballet. I'm really trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level so i also went to the gym at lunch. I've been trying to ease back into running by run/walking. I'm thinking that once our weather stays a bit cooler, i may run up to Henry's daycare-- visit with him a bit and then run back home. I'd be getting a workout and would get to see him in the middle of my day. I need to mention this to Brenda when the forecast looks like it's going to stay cool for a decent amount of time.

In sleep news, Henry took a mondo 3-hour nap at Brenda's this afternoon. He didn't wake up until 4 pm so he was actually able to stay up a tad later this evening--to a whopping 7:15! That gave us at least a few more minutes to enjoy him before it was off to sleep.

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