4 Months, 8 Days

Brenda said Henry spent the whole day sticking his feet in his mouth. I didn't really catch him doing the same at home-- but when i encouraged it he did oblige me with this shot.

At home he was working on his voice. He's been babbling now for awhile but tonight he was really going all out. He was taking a big deep breath and then letting it out in this loud scratchy sound for seconds at a time. You could see him becoming winded and i actually think he was hurting his throat because at the end he would kind of end in a cry. When that happened, i would stand him up and we'd look at some other toys, but as soon as i laid him back down he'd take off talking again.

I got a baby signing book yesterday because i've been trying to integrate some signs but i find that i forget a lot. This has a whole plan for starting to sign and then increasingly integrating signs into your conversation. I'm all for some sort of plan and just have to sit down and finish reading the book now.

Well, i'm off for a run this evening as i didn't get to the gym today. First time i've really run in a while so hopefully i don't keel over.

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