Those Mean Doctors!

Henry had his 4 month appointment today and those mean doctors gave him three shots. He cried and has been running a slight temperatue ever since. Brenda said he slept a lot today but cried if he wasn't being held. When we got home tonight he seemed at least mildly happy. We practiced standing a lot (Henry's favorite activity as you can see from the picture taken last night)and he had a great time taking his bath. Then it was time to eat and off to bed. Hopefully he'll sleep well, because the last time he had shots he was up crying unconsolably all night (of course that was 2 days before his stomach surgery so i'm hoping we won't have a repeat.)

Henry is growing-- just in length and not that much in weight. He's now 25 inches long which is 2 inches longer than he was about a month and a half ago. He's 13 and a half pounds which is about a pound heavier. The Doctor said that he was definitely growing so she's not concerned but they will want to weigh him again at his next appointment to make sure he's continuing on a normal growth curve. Considering he was small at birth and then had a surge and then slowed down and had the surgery he's been all over the place so it's hard to tell which percentile curve he should be following. For now he's a pretty long slim baby. I'm going to try to offer him more to eat to see if he takes me up on it.

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