18 Weeks

What a wonderful weekend! We went to a BBQ at a friends' house last night and stayed out way too late, but had such a nice time hanging out and eating good food. I brought our portable crib and Henry had an easy time falling asleep in it. When we transferred him to the carseat at 1 am he woke up fully and was smiling and playing in his carseat for the 20 minute drive home. I was on pins and needles but he went to sleep in his crib fairly quickly when we got home and slept until almost 7 this morning.

Today Henry and i went to visit a friend and her 3.5 month old daughter. We had plans to see each other right after Henry was born but then her daughter was born and we've had a million legitimate new-mom excuses that have derailed all additional attempts to get together. We had a nice visit and Henry slept in the carseat on the way out there. We stayed about 2 hours and started to head home when Henry was getting tired again. He promptly put his fingers in his mouth and fell asleep. Unfortunately exactly 30 minutes later, just as i hit traffic, he woke up screaming. He cried really hard off and on for the remaining 20 minutes of the drive. When we got home i tried to feed him and he continued to fuss and arch his back and pull away.

He's done this a bit more lately after having not had this problem for weeks. I'm thinking that he still needs the zantac 3x day, so i'm going back to our original prescription.

I broke out the booster chair we bought for Henry. He's not eating solids anytime soon but he enjoys sitting up and playing with this toys!

New pictures are on the yahoo site!

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