3 Months 29 Days

We took a lot of good pictures today so it was hard to choose; but i don't think we've had any bath pictures up here before so i'm going with the one you see now. Henry has come a long way from the screams of bloody murder we used to endure during his bathtime. Somewhere along the way H started to at least tolerate the bath-- albeit with furrowed brow, now he genuinely seems to enjoy it. I'm planning to check into water babies classes for us to go to this winter (indoor pool of course!)

There really wasn't much to report on the sleep front and that is good news. He slept well last night and took three respectable naps today.

I'm not sure if i've mentioned that i've become addicted to buying things for Henry off of craisglist.org. Tonight i drove up North of the city to buy a jumper for him. I think he's going to like it because he absolutely loves standing up, but i could be proven wrong and then we'll just have this monstrosity to contend with. Either way i'll try to get some pictures.

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