3 Months 15 Days

Another good day with Henry. He took two long naps at daycare and was all smiles and giggles this evening. He went to bed easily but we'll see how the night goes.

Something i'm glad we've been able to continue even while sleep training is our morning feeding ritual. Most days Henry wakes up at 6 am and i go get him from his crib. This is when JT gets up, so i bring Henry to bed and he eats and we both fall back asleep. I get up a little after 7 but sometimes Henry continues to sleep while i shower and eat breakfast. It's such a lovely start to the day.

Henry rolled over for the first time today. He was on his stomach on his playmat and looking far off to the right and that big ole' head just carried him on over to his back. He seems to be moving around more in his crib too. I'm going in to take the bumpers off the crib before i feed him. A baby on the message board for babies born in April just died of SIDS and besides feeling very sad, i'm feeling more paranoid about Henry while he's sleeping.

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