3 Months 18 Days

Today was a nice uneventful day. Henry had another fun day at daycare. When i picked him up Brenda told me that during circle time when the other kids were singing a song with hand motions and clapping he was just laughing and laughing along with them.

I read up on baby signing a little last night and found out that a good time to start it is 4-6 months. Obviously Henry won't be signing back to us anytime soon, but if you introduce the signs along with the words for things it might be as early as 7 months when he can sign back to us. Obviously being able to understand what he wants that early in his life would be wonderful.

I mentioned to Brenda that i had looked into this and showed her the signs for "milk" and "sleep," two of the most important aspects of Henry's life. Brenda said that when her daughter was little she was really into signing and Brenda had books and flashcards and a whole bunch of other materials and that she would start incorporating it into circle time with all the kids. Now i just have to remember to use the signs too!


Tarek said...

As you may remember, we incorporated some signing with Reid's early time and he acquired it very quickly. To this day, we still have some words accentuated with the addition of signs. "More" especially remains a favorite.

nakia said...

I just wanted to stop by and say that Henry is adorable! His eyes are so bright and vivid. :o)